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Join the lab

Interested in joining our lab? We are always looking for talented students at all levels with an interest in the speech motor system and timing. 

Masters and undergrad students

We welcome masters and undergraduate students to participate in the lab. Students are involved in a range of lab activities, including data collection, data analysis, participant recruitment, and experiment design. Students typically participate in the lab for course credit. If you are interested in working in the lab, please fill out the survey found here. You will need to include a letter of interest as well as a CV or resume. You will need to be logged in to Microsoft with your MU account to access the form. 

PhD students

I am currently recruiting for a PhD student starting in Fall of 2025.


New graduate students interested in joining the lab should apply through the Ph.D. program in the College of Health Sciences or through the Department of SLHS MHS/PhD program. If you are interested, please email me ( for more details.

Postdoctoral researchers

Our lab is not currently recruiting for any postdoctoral research positions. However, interested researchers are encouraged to explore our website and reach out to the PI if they are interested in joining the lab. 

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