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Statement on community values

The NeSST Lab is committed to providing equitable opportunities to a diverse group of researchers and to building and maintaining a supportive and inclusive environment for all our lab members. We aim to improve access to clinical and research training in the speech, language, and hearing field for people from diverse backgrounds and work to correct historical imbalances in science. 

Our goals

  1. We commit to maintaining a working & learning space which supports individuals from diverse backgrounds, is free from bias or discrimination, and meets the needs of each individual.

  2. We commit to active scrutiny of practices in our own lab and field, leading to open discussion of these issues with the involvement of everyone in our lab.

  3. We commit to ensuring that our lab members and research participants represent the diversity of Columbia and Missouri

  4. We commit to engaging in outreach activities in the local community and beyond to improve access to the speech, language, and hearing field.

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